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how we invest.

Pontalba Capital looks to partner with innovative companies in the lower middle market seeking growth equity investment or a majority sale of the business. We focus primarily on services businesses, preferably with EBIDTA of $3-$10  million and invest both domestically and internationally.

Growth Equity and Lower-Middle Market Private Equity, Both Domestically and Internationally.

We tailor our partnership to the needs of each business, entrepreneur and management team to enhance the company's growth, value and impact by providing:

  • Experience - across sectors and stages of growth

  • Network - of investors, operators and other experts across disciplines in sustainability- related sectors

  • Support - to complement the skill sets and expertise of entrepreneurs and executives

sectors we believe in.

Pontalba strives to invest in and grow companies across three key themes: Climate Adaptation, Energy and Resource Efficiency, and Sustainability Enablers.

Sustainability Enablers

  • Businesses fostering an improved, sustainable way of life

  • Businesses facilitating the adoption or measurement of sustainability practices

Climate Adaptation

  • Solutions that protect people, businesses and environments against climate-related events and risks

Energy and Resource Efficiency

  •  More efficient use of energy and reduced emissions in buildings and transport

  • Circular economy and re-use / recycling of resources

  • Sustainable use of natural resources including food, agriculture and land 

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